Crispy Beef

Beef strips fried to perfect crispiness with sweet and savoury sauce. Try this and you won’t need your beef tender anymore!

37 AED

Stir-Fry Prawn in Szechwan Sauce

If chicken is too boring for you, this is the way to go! Juicy prawns combined with the spicy, tingling Schezwan sauce you’ll fall in love with!

39 AED

Stir-Fry Prawn in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Juicy, plump prawns stir fried with the tangy sweet and sour sauce for those who love their seafood.

39 AED

Fish Fillet Sweet And Sour Sauce

Crispy outside tender inside fish fillet combined with sweet and sour sauce. Freshness in a bowl!!

33 AED

Stir-Fry Chicken In Manchurian Sauce

Crispy fried chicken slathered with spicy umami sauce for an eclectic mix of sweet, sour, spicy, and umami.

35 AED

Peking-Style Chicken

Juicy chicken chunks deep fried to perfection, slathered with the vibrant, fresh, and savoury sweet and sour sauce. Better than orange chicken for sure!

35 AED

Beef with Broccoli

Tender beef strips combined with crunchy, fresh broccolis and Chinese sauce that even your kids will love!

40 AED

Stir-Fry Chicken in Szechwan Sauce

Crispy fried chicken chunks stir fried together with Chinese spices and the famous Schezwan sauce with a tingling sensation you’ll want more.

35 AED

Fish Fillet in Szechwan Sauce

Dive into this saucy sensation. It's like an underwater fiesta in every bite, but with a spicy kick! Make sure you've got a drink handy!

33 AED

Vegetable in Manchurian Sauce

Crispy fried cauliflower slathered with spicy umami sauce. You won’t believe it’s vegetable!

27 AED